Outstanding progress to be rated ‘Good’ in first Ofsted inspection

We are delighted to report that Ofsted has judged Holyhead Primary Academy in Wednesbury to be a ‘Good’ school, with pupils’ Personal Development highlighted as ‘Outstanding’, following its first Ofsted Inspection as an academy on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 January 2022.

The judgement recognises the hard work put in by the whole school community to turn the school around since our previous inspection in 2016, when it was given the lowest Ofsted rating of ‘Inadequate’.

The report comments that “pupils are very happy to come to Holyhead Primary Academy. It is a thriving and inclusive community where everyone is important… Pupils are proud of their school and the variety of opportunities to be active in their school and the local community.”

Holyhead Primary Academy follows the values: Excite, Explore, Excel, which is throughout their nationally recognised ‘E3L’ curriculum. The Ofsted report states “The curriculum is exciting. It explores themes and uses technology in a way that really engages pupils. It also helps pupils to know and remember what they have learned.”

The report quotes pupils as saying, “We enjoy learning something new every day.”

Commenting on the Academy’s staff, the report says, “Leaders at all levels, including the Trust and governors are ambitious for pupils” and that “staff provide additional support to meet pupils’ needs. As a result, pupils learn the curriculum well.”

We have seen spectacular improvements since becoming an academy and joining Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust in 2017:

  • Best progress scores in Sandwell – 1st out of 102 schools.
  • 5th in Sandwell (previously 67th) for combined Reading, Writing and Mathematics indicators at Key Stage 2.
  • 83% of pupils achieved/exceeded expected results in Reading, Writing and Maths. This is higher than the local and national average.

Sir Mark Grundy, CEO of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust said, “I am incredibly proud of the progress that the Holyhead have made since they joined our Trust in 2017. It is testament to the hard work of staff and pupils that the school has improved to this level. During the inspection it was clear that if Holyhead were to be judged on its progress since joining the Trust it would be ‘Outstanding’. The developments we have seen in the school far exceed what is normally expected”.

Mr Matt Wynne, Principal of Holyhead Primary Academy said, “During what has been one of the most challenging times in education, we are proud to have continued to improve the school at the rate we have, since becoming an academy. I am thankful for the support of the families, who have embraced the changes within school, and we are excited to continue to work towards gaining an ‘Outstanding’ judgement overall”.

Read the full report.